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  Seattle Seahawk linebacker   and Greater judge  Bobby Wagner  poses with a family of graduates at one of our events at Amazon HQ.

Seattle Seahawk linebacker and Greater judge Bobby Wagner poses with a family of graduates at one of our events at Amazon HQ.

Making the Right Impact.

The Greater Foundation addresses the great demand in our communities for deliberate, fixed points of engagement that are necessary to combat cultures inequality and exclusion.

By the end of the journey, we hope to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in our participants, a self-empowering mindset that encourages them to serve their community as well. 



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Startup Kickoff

A one-day ideation event for participants to form teams and cover the basics of entrepreneurship and technology. Each team works with local mentors and inspirational figures  to solve a problem in their community. The top teams receive prizes from Greater and other contributors.


Training Camp

A hybrid mentoring / coursework program for selected dedicated, promising Future Leaders to dive deeper into leadership, technology, and entrepreneurship. The top Future Leader from each cohort receives a scholarship and an chance to compete at our national competition: The Greater Bowl.


The Greater Bowl

Once a year, top participants from each Training Camp will be flown out to compete against one another in a national competition to showcase their work and traction to date. The grand prize winner will receive a scholarship from the Greater Foundation.





Applications will always be free and open to anyone, regardless of their background. As long as you align with Our Values, we will consider you for a spot.

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Want to collaborate with us on one of our programs, or do you have an idea of you own? We are flexible and open to every option to support our community and mission. 

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