Russell's Journey


Since his days playing college football for Oklahoma State, Russell Okung found inspiration in people who lived for something greater than themselves.

After winning the Super Bowl in 2014 with the Seattle Seahawks, Okung chose to leverage his growing sports and professional networks to bring effective resources and practices to disadvantaged, underserved communities. 

Co-founded by his Oklahoma State teammate Andrew McGee, both men saw the limitless potential of the technology sector of Seattle as the most opportune path for upward mobility. The vision of the Greater Foundation was born.


Our Values




We challenge ourselves and others to push their limits and overcome barriers, internal and external.


We aim to work with those who think of their community above themselves, serving a higher purpose.


The burden of relevance is upon us to connect strongly with those who feel invisible, ignored, and forgotten.


Our work is not exclusive to any particular demographic. We deliberately seek potential wherever it exists.


We always make the first move in building relations by giving first and thinking with empathy and integrity.


We will always strive to be the best in our efforts, iterating and adapting frequently to an ever-changing world.


We expect everyone to treat anyone with the utmost respect and evaluate those solely by their words and actions.


The Team

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Russell Okung  Founder, President

Russell Okung
Founder, President

Lee Ngo  Chief Operating Officer

Lee Ngo
Chief Operating Officer

Matt McIlwain  Board Member

Matt McIlwain
Board Member

Zen Cruz  Program Operations Manager

Zen Cruz
Program Operations Manager

Lucas Kartic  Board Member

Lucas Kartic
Board Member



111 South Jackson Street
Seattle, Washington 98104


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Seattle, Washington 98144


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