Through the power of sports and technology, Greater is aimed at redefining education so that all students from all backgrounds are equipped for 21st century opportunities.

We believe the answer to the problems we’re facing in the world today can be solved once we create a deeper roster of leaders who are willing to serve.

We think if you’re willing to serve, you are willing to lead. And if you’re willing to lead, you are willing to mentor others to do the same.

To this end, Greater is diving deep into the communities its serving — from Seattle to Stillwater — and partnering with existing schools, youth groups, nonprofit organizations, and businesses in those communities not to create new leaders, but to work with and reveal the existing leader in each of us.

Through exposure, access, and education boosted by neighborhood partnerships, we believe we can foster change. Our goal is to break the cycle of at-risk youth to create a new class of global citizens who are equipped to grow through their circumstances with personal responsibilities to their communities — and the world. Our programs aim to serve this purpose.

Through exposure, access, and education boosted by neighborhood partnerships, we believe we can foster change.

Who we are

Russell Okung

Co-founder and President

GREATER Foundation

Andrew McGee

Co-founder and Executive Director

GREATER Foundation

Matt McIlwain

Managing Director

Madrona Venture Group

Mitchell Robertson

Vice President of Business Partnerships

Code Fellows

Dave Parker

Chief Executive Officer

Code Fellows

David McIntosh

Student Development Coordinator and Teacher

Seattle Urban Academy

Sharon Okamoto

Executive Director and Principal

Seattle Urban Academy

Lucas Kartic

Board Member

Turning Point

How we work

We are the bridge. We partner with community groups and organizations that align with our initiatives, creating more opportunities for underserved populations and at-risk youth through mentorship.

Find the need

We have a grassroots approach to impact. In order for real change to happen, we must begin by having presence in the community — particularly the underserved community.

Fill the need

We mobilize best practices and bring resources, leaders, educators, experts, and influencers into at-risk areas to mentor the next generation. We then bring those people into the communities and affect change through works

Locate the “in”

Sustainability is key. In order to create institutional change, we must implement a way to shake the system. We believe in willing leaders from within, and giving them responsibility.


Fellowship program

Greater is excited to kick off our Fellowship Program. Partnering with Code Fellows, the Fellowship Program provides former athletes with the opportunity to learn to code during an intensive 9-month course program, while also engaging in personal and professional development as mentees, mentoring Seattle youth, and catapulting themselves into the technology job market. The program is paid for via scholarship and is designed to lead to a job in tech.

Greater | a non-profit startup aimed at redefining education so that all students are armed with the technical tools to succeed in the 21st century workforce. Focused on mentoring and leadership development, Greater is dedicated to creating equitable access into Seattle’s tech ecosystem (education, employment, and entrepreneurship) and beyond.

Partnering with Code Fellows, a Seattle coding school, the Fellowship Program provides former athletes with the opportunity to learn to code during an intensive 9-month course program, while also engaging in personal and professional development as mentees, mentoring Seattle youth, and catapulting themselves into the technology job market.

Fellows are awarded a scholarship from the Greater Foundation to cover tuition, housing, transportation, extracurricular activities, and a living stipend.



  • Completed undergraduate degree while playing collegiate sports
  • Committed to pursuing a career in software development, entrepreneurship, or a tech-related career
  • Graduated with a 2.5 + GPA
  • Strong leadership potential and community involvement
  • Benefits
  • Code Scholarship over 9 months
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Paid residency and living stipend included
  • Executive mentorship from tech leaders in Seattle


  • Professional Development - Creating a transitional pipeline into 21st century opportunities for the 99% of athletes who never go pro to gain experience and accelerate into the workforce.
  • Computer Science - Leverage the voice and influence of the athlete to raise awareness of Computer Science being the new basic skill and the demand for more software developers.
  • Community Development - Fellows will drive Greater Programs in the community by coordinating with corporate and community partners, mentoring local youth, and driving social change projects.
  • Diversity & Inclusion - As community influencers, fellows will be ambassadors for equitable access into the tech industry.


  • Code scholarship over 9 months
  • Leadership and professional development
  • Paid Residency
  • Executive mentorship from tech leaders in Seattle

Email info@begreater.org to apply or request additional information.

Technology companies are hungry for diversity. Diversity in background, in thinking, in education.


Taiwan Easterling

FSU / Football / Baseball

Growing up in Magee, Mississippi allotted numerous sport opportunities for Taiwan Easterling. After playing football and baseball on a both a collegiate and professional level, Taiwan is in the midst of balancing his work in construction management, and pursuing a Master’s degree in Project management with a minor in entrepreneurship and emphasis of data analytics. During his fellowship with the Greater Foundation, Taiwan hopes to develop new skills to pass forward others and give back to his community.


Britney Presley

OSU / Track

As a fierce competitor in track and field, student-athlete Britney Pressley balances sports life with a passion for business. After being selected for the Greater Fellowship program, Britney hopes to utilize the tools and skill sets learned from the program, and apply them to her current pursuit of receiving her master’s degree in Social/Corporate Entrepreneurship. “As a Fellow of the Greater Foundation, I want to inspire people around me with the lessons and skills I develop through my tenure, in addition to giving back to the community”.


Michael Molinari

WVU / Football

Michael Molinari balances the demand of being a full-time student with the responsibility of being a student athlete at West Virginia University. While pursuing his MBA at WVU, Michael’s involvement with the Greater Foundation provides opportunities to give back to communities, and build a foundation of skill sets needed for his pursuit of a career in business. After learning about the Fellowship program with the Greater Foundation, Michael states that “he believes in the mission of Greater and what it stands for, which inspires me to serve and give back to others around me”.

The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.

Ronald Reagan

Our story

“There is no greater love than this; that a man would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.” John 15:13

From the football field to the business world, Russ and Andrew have chosen to be their brothers’ keepers.

The two met in 2008 at their alma mater Oklahoma State University, where they were teammates — and standouts — on the Cowboys’ football team. Both had bright futures: Russ was a left tackle, eventually chosen sixth overall by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 NFL draft; Andrew was a cornerback, on the path to the pros until a career-ending neck injury shifted his reality.

It was through that time of trouble that Andrew realized that Russ, who constantly came by his room during his rehabilitation, wasn’t just a star athlete or a gifted scholar, but a true leader. It wasn’t what they did or even what was discussed that was special so much as it was that Russ simply showed up. He was dependable and took time out of his day to show he cared for someone else. In those moments, Russ exemplified and embodied the spirit of great men who’d come before him, men who are the foundation of GREATER.

As Russ and Andrew’s friendship grew and deepened, a community need was realized and a movement was born: GREATER.

With outreach in both the athletic and technology sectors, Russ and Andrew — who went on to coach at both Oklahoma State University and West Virginia University — see themselves in the neighborhoods they serve. By leveraging their platform in athletics, GREATER’s co-founders are investing in those communities and bringing effective resources and best practices to underserved populations, ultimately empowering young adults to realize their true potential and providing opportunities for them to reach it.

No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.


GREATER is based in sunny Seattle, with additional outreach in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Want to give your time, talent or treasure? Have a quick question? We’d love to hear from you!

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